Septic Systems

New Septic

Installation of a new septic system can be a challenging and overwhelming task. Pulling the proper permits, site preparation, soil testing, determining placement and design of the system are just the first steps. WEI is a licensed septic installer (including Noweco certification) with the experience and knowledge to make sure the right system is installed correctly. We work closely with the county sanitarian/inspector to execute the small details of the installation process and in return you can get the most life out of your system.

Newly installed septic tanks

Failing Septic

If your existing system is failing, let us help you! You can count of WEI to repair your existing system.

Septic Maintenance

We guarantee that your septic will be installed correctly, but remember there is maintenance that is required to keep your system and field working at an optimum level:

  • Inspect your tank for a scum layer prior to pumping. The presence of a scum layer means your tank is working properly. The layer would be light grey in color and have a strong odor. If this scum is absent, pump the tank and add some products to help the bacteria grow.
  • Remove water softener discharge from septic tank, it kills the bacteria which will shorten the life of your septic.
  • Pump septic tank every 3 to 5 years. Don’t forget to pump the “pump chamber” if you have a raised system septic system. Norweco system pumping is different than above pumping schedule – your service provider will advise the schedule of pumping (if possible, pump tanks in warmer months, this helps new bacteria growth).
  • Clean effluent filter once a year (not all systems have one).
  • Garbage disposal should have separate tank. If it does not, limit the use of disposal.
  • Do not put cooking grease or other debris into drains that is not broken down easily.
  • Avoid vehicle parking and driving traffic across tank/field area.
  • Avoid more than 3 loads of laundry per day.
  • Chemotherapy and some other cancer treatment medications destroy the bacteria in your tank. You will need to pump your tank more frequently.
Norweco System – Pressure dosed system. It stair steps on the slope so the ground doesn’t have to be level)